Mahachaat is a character inspired from the talks of a gamot of frustrating intellectuals who never cease to talk and want a solution of everything by talking. They can also kill you just by talking to you. Actually, they have already done. While a Chaat is a guy who can bore you with his talk, to the extent that you can get enraged, frustrated, soaked, depressed, the same guy can also make you happy, lively, optimist. They female version of the Chaat is usually called "chutney" and shares the same qualities with a tadka mixed to it.

The most number of chaats and chutneys in India are found at a village called Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. The site also gets some inspiration from them as the admin of this website was also once a frustrated chaat at this village who could never participate in the Chaat Sammelan award held annually at this village and that is why he is venting his bhadas by making this site.

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