Oh yes, you heard it right! Particularly so if you are in your student days. (Older communist guys have to look for more mundane things and therefore they would not be that sexy unless they find the opposite sex willing to explore for various reasons).
I will give you the reasons why.
- The famous quote of Karl Marx says "De omnibus dubitandum" which means "doubt everything". This is also my favorite quote since I read Marx first in 1999, during my undergrad days. Alas, I was not in JNU at that time. :( Being a communist, you get a license to question everything. This is good for an academic pursuit.
But bring this to your real life and you begin with questioning some of the things that you should not. Some of the things that would be rather a taboo to question by the not so communist guy are as follows:
- The social values are crap and they are meant to be broken. They are like the barriers on human progress.
    How does it help you being sexy?

    -For both boys and girls: You can say anything against any tradition, any community, any sentiment, as you deem fit to impress the girl of your choice, all as per your convinience.
- Everyone is equal in society and centuries old traditions are nothing but superstitious taboos. I do not follow this.
    How does it help you appear more sexy?
    -For Boys: You can ask the girl to be more progressive in her behaviour towards you and in turn you can be more open to her and take some liberties. This is the first step towards getting her closer to you.
    - For girls: You think you are just being progressive. You take some steps forward and still consider yourself just progressive and perhaps emancipated. You make some mistakes but by that time it is too late for you to return. Your subterfuge now is to only keep the idea of your being progressive alive. You cannot go back. If you decide to go back, you will find yourself into several issues that will question your integrity itself.

Teachings of Marx has a lot of collative readings. This includes teaching of people like Derrida, Freud, Jung, Foucault. The readings in here are more towards the humanity and contains a lot of adult subjects. Given that you are also adult, you need to discuss this in open. Girls usually do not discuss this in the open but they do need someone other than their own gender to explore the truths around these. This makes the girls do some experiments. The experiments that should actually have not been done takes place in the open (university campuses are a small place and people know what you are upto).

Other points that make even a below average guy or girl look more sexy are as follows:
- You can always take subterfuge in your psychology and expect the other girl (who is also acting as a "progressive") to understand it. And she will, most likely do unless your are quite a dumbo.
- If you know a few jargons of the communism, there is a wide group of students who are ready to befriend you.

So, have you declared yourself as a communist yet or not?


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